Your presence is the gift

A humble but true phrase.  The essence of most spiritual teachings.  Cultivating a radiance presence, or more appropriately, becoming aware of it.  It exists within you like a great shining light.  This presence.  But you have to trust it, and I think that’s the challenge.  That is exists, regardless of where you think you are in the moment.  The presence is there.  Is it the soul?  It just is.  Your “isness’.

So when you are full of your ‘isness’, or in Dzochen Buddhism, when you realize that you have the capacity for this, it takes over your whole world.  There is nothing more to add.  Simple relax into it.  It’s an amazing antidote  for social anxiety.  You don’t have to be better than you are, do more than you are add any extra ingredients.

Be the presence.  The result is the gift.  To you and to those with whom you serve.  Your clients, your work, your world.  The gift is ever expanding the greater your capacity to be present.

So practically, what does that mean?  Work on being in the moment.  Yep, just this one for this sentence you are reading.  Nothing more or nothing less.  The future is unfolding, and I’m not saying ignore your responsibilities, but the more you are able to ‘just be’ the more you are present.

And therefore, the greater your capacity to shine presence and offer an amazingly shiny and bright gift.

That’s a pretty simplistic way of explaining it, there can be a lot of barriers to finding that presence.  We doubt ourselves, we aren’t sure where to ‘look’ or ‘feel’ it, maybe it’s remained dormant for a long time.

But it’s there.  Every single living being has one.  I liken it to compassionate witnessing, or, coming from an ’empty heart’, which means you have no agenda in witnessing someone or something occuring.  You just witness it.  Without attachment.

But that starts to sound pretty unatainable because we all have lots of agendas and thoughts racing through.

So a great place to begin is just to say to yourself ‘Presence’.  Just say it a few times.  How does that feel?  For the times you’ve said presence that’s what you are doing, that’s what you are being.  And that is the start of being the gift.

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