Building the Reiki Muscle

Like a weight lifter who practices day after day in building physical strength, this week we focus on building energetic stamina.

Sending distant Reiki tomorrow from 10-11am to strengthen the health of our families, our relationships and our own divine nature.

I had the experience just yesterday where I gave Reiki to a plant of all things that was quite wilted.  Within half and hour, it had perked up as if it was a fresh and radiant new growth!

Whether you want to participate for a 10 minute ‘workout’ or extend it to the full 60 minutes, it’s what works best for you.  The importance is the practice.  Each week we come together from all corners of the country to tune in and build our Reiki muscles.

So by infusing our family members (with their permission) with the intent of Reiki will assist their own healing and radiance.  Our relationships, platonic, romantic, human or animal are also in need of a Spring boost, so let’s keep them in our hearts as well.  And finally, we return to our own selves, our need for rejuvenation.  Such healing radiates outward through space and time effecting all like a great circle of peace and light.

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Copyright 2012 Eileen Dey


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  1. reikiemporium
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 03:34:24

    It has been seen many times that talking to plants or playing music, seems to make plants grow better, Lets hope your plant grows to be a monster.

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