The wisdom of the empty heart

Gone gone gone beyond, gone beyond the beyond…so concludes the Heart sutra.  Emptiness is form.  At the base level of reality, there only is space, nothing more.

The way into this wisdom is the cultivation of an empty heart.  One that is free of any expectation.  One that is vacant of suffering.  Suffering happens through attachment.

Cultivating an empty heart can be quite challenging, especially when we walk the Reiki path, which is so much about “filling space” with light and love.

But even light and love are just spaces with a certain intentions.  Perspective needs to be expanded.  Instead of thinking we are filling, light and love is actually us.  And just as we are light and love, we are also dark and sadness.  You can’t have one without the other.

We are both aspects of the yin and yang.  Any given day we may feel one side being more active than the other.  Reiki practitioners often prefer the light and love ‘side’ of things.  There is danger of attachment to result.  But to stretch and grow, we also need to give room for all of what we experience.

When I am in empty heart, as I am today writing, it feels very, very vacant.  Gone gone, as in the heart sutra.  I’ve likened it to the feeling of ambivalence, a very neutral ground.

Our society doesn’t like these places.  It says ‘fill up’ with distractions, food, relations….but empty space without attachment is actually more liberating.  Its not a place of want but a place of witnessing.  In this place of vacancy we can connect to our nature of emptiness.

Connecting to emptiness is connecting to form.  One and the same.  In this place is the absolute reality.  The more we can enter here, the more we can enter into deep knowing.  Deep knowing leads to greater wsdom and from this place our practice can evolve.

Copyright 2012 Eileen Dey.

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