My hybrid Easter egg

The alchemy of Reiki and Easter.  The last 15 years have simmered that egg and cooked it to a bit of perfection for me.

I was raised Episcopalian and sang in my church choir until I was 17.  I learned to embrace Holy week and all the rituals.  My favorite was finally being able to sing “Halelujiah!”.  It signified a return of new growth and new possibilities.

This year, on Sunday I’ll be doing my own meditation and reflection on the renewal of the season.

Reiki, for me, has become a way to embrace the magical side that all religions have to offer.  But Reiki works without any belief or dogma.  It is Universal Energy of the earth and sky and of people, the uniting force of all.

You see the manifestation of this force as you look at all the new growth popping out of the ground in spring.  You see it in people finding their true callings through working with Reiki.  You see it in the church and in the other temples of religion, bringing people together to celebrate.

My Reiki Easter egg is a glowing, radiant orb, I send out to all around the world.


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