Shining the light to see the path clearly

As a social worker, counselor and Reiki practitioner I’ve worked with many clients over the years who face many challenges in coping in this world. Whether it’s past traumas, mental, emotional, or physical issues, life can seem a big hurdle to overcome.

I’d like to dedicate this distant healing session on 4/12 from 10-11am to helping those who have complex problems finding the resources, support and help that they need.  There are many treatments, healing modalities and groups and often by shining light towards a situation we can see the path a bit more clear.

You can hold these individuals in the Reiki light for 10-60 minutes this week.  I’d recommend sending to the macro and the micro levels.  Some you may know personally or some you might read about in the news.  Or, perhaps there is a specific condition, like mental illness, physical diseases like cancer or emotional challenges like grief and loss you’d also like to dedicate this to.

Shining the light always makes the world better.  Thank you for joining this session.

In light


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