Expand Your Potential with Inspiration

Everyone has potential, regardless of circumstance.  It’s there like a vast natural, underground resource that’s just waiting to emerge.  Sometimes, in order to access it, like an oil reserve, a person might need to drill down, through therapy, meditation, introspection.  Other times, like the air that’s all around, the immediacy of the resource is quite apparent.

But everyone needs a bit of inspiration to pull and stretch that potential to it’s maximum capacity.  Where do we find that inspiration?

For me personally, it’s daily quotes, news stories and personal accounts from the numerous people I know.  I thank social media for allowing instant postings of people’s thoughts and opinions to help in building that inspirational ‘database’.

Here are some of my favorites I’d like to share:

Good News Network

The don’t quit poem

The magic and wonder of the Natural World

And this is my favorite video as of late about a 9 year old who build a cardboard arcade and had a flash mob come and surprise him.  From that exposure supporters have contributed more than $100K towards his college fund.

Have and inspiring weekend!  I’m teaching Reiki 1 and 2 so I know I will!!

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