Cultivating Compassion through a Cat

I didn’t like Suki when we got her almost three years ago.  I was happy with having my one and only Reiki cat Kai, the wise Russian Blue.

Then one day, my partner Richard decided he wanted his own cat and came home with little Suki, a half-feral, shy and timid kitten who had been abandoned and left with traces of fear.

Despite her emotional baggage, she was a cute, as kittens are, but I hadn’t invited her in.  As if to add insult to injury within a month of her adoption I developed a rash that turned out to be ringworm that somehow I had gotten from her.  It was a medical mystery of cross-species contamination.

After that I really didn’t like her.  The ringworm went away, but it was still an ambiguous relationship.

A few months later I put flea medication on Suki and a few hours later she went into seizure.  She had to be rushed to the emergency vet, put on IV with sedatives with a prognosis that didn’t look good.  And that’s when the compassion for her finally started to emerge.  I had put the medication on her and now she was almost dead. Had I done that subconsciously?  I hadn’t done it out of disregard, but I hadn’t really considered Suki’s sensitivity.  Me, the Reiki master, the helper of others, had caused this harm to occur.

I cried, no, actually I sobbed.  What had I done?  I called upon my Reiki community and we all sent healing towards her.  I put her photo on my desktop screen so that each time I opened my laptop I would send love to her.

I gave her energy when I would visit her at the vet.  I told her that I was so sorry for what had happened and that I realized how sensitive she really was.  I made her a promise to change.  Day by day she improved until she finally came home.

And she and I started a new relationship.  I didn’t create that out of guilt, but out of love and mindfulness.  I kept my promise.  I realized I loved her, and even though we were brought together initially under challenging circumstances, we were continuing the journey together.  I needed to change and I was.

Day by day through the years of me telling her I love her, how sweet and sensitive she is, playing with her, and, still having her photo on my screen, Suki is now a pretty well-adjusted cat.  She’s even learned to ‘do’ Reiki.

She’s gotten to know me, and I’ve gotten to know, love and embrace her.  She’s becoming quite wise.  Oh, and I never put flea treatment on her, instead, I brush her daily and put an herbal powder on her when she does go outside (which isn’t much).  She’s taught me to be more compassionate, towards her and the world.  Thank you Suki for being you and letting me to become more, giving us both a second chance.

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