The River Spirit Walk-In

Last week I went down to the River to reconnect with the place where I had conducted many blessings and the Spirit of the Water walked in to my consciousness.

I’ve had the River, in this case, the Duwamish, talk to me before, tell me things about it’s history, it’s current state, it’s needs and desires, but in this case, the Spirit of the River came all the way into my being.  It occupied the same space as my own mind.

I felt called to then honor this Spirit and took off to the country and listened to it’s guidance.  I ended up driving miles and miles east to a small town in the foothills.  I had never been to this town  before, but apparently, the River Spirit was aware of it and felt a connection here.

Driving further into the woods, down winding roads, ‘we’ came upon a home that had been destroyed  by a fire.  It’s as if the River Spirit permitted me to see what the intention of the house had been. The River Spirit felt a kinship with this place, it had been created out of love and due to no fault of the owners, had accidentally caught fire and burned down.  The only thing that remained were a few iron gates and the fireplace.

Over the course of several hours, I conducted a blessing and clearing of this ground, or, I should say, the River Spirit blessed and cleared this ground through my actions.  During the process, I lost all track of time and place, went into shamanic consciousness, and unfortunately, ended up losing my cell phone and car keys.

When it started getting dark and cold, my physical body and mind returned to the ‘real’ world and became aware that I needed to seek help.  I walked for over a mile to find a pay phone and call for a ride.  Trying to explain what had happened to my partner, he came and picked me up, being compassionate to my other-worldly circumstance.

It’s one of the strangest ‘walk-in’ experiences I have ever had.

In the dark that night, we went back to the burned house and actually found my cell phone (my partner kept calling it and hunting down the ring), but the car keys were lost.  Luckily he had brought a spare pair.

The next twenty-four hours my body went through it’s own clearing and purging process over the whole experience.

I’m still a bit shaken and I feel the River Spirit is integrating into my being.

I feel I have most of my ‘self’ back, but now have a deeper awareness and perception of looking at the world.  I feel I need to return to the actual river at some point and ask for more guidance.  For now, I give space for this new integration.

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