Spiritual insurance to enhance health

This weekend I had the opportunity to receive a Tibetan Buddhist healing session called Chöd.  It’s an ancient practice performed by monks and students to remove spiritual obstacles and negative influences in the body and mind.  It also helps to release past karmic patterns.

I found the ceremony quite beautiful and noticed a lightness of my being as well as a shift in perspective of what truly honors and supports my life and work in the world.

The Tibetan Healing Chö School offers what I would consider ‘spiritual insurance’ for those who are interested in receiving these benefits.  Here are the details:


We can now participate in this unique opportunity, not available anywhere else in the world. By creating and submitting an Identity Packet (described below), your energy signature will be placed on the shrine at the Sangey Teng Monastery in Bhutan, to participate in all Chöd and other healing rituals. Last year, over 80 people participated in the program and have experienced a wide variety of positive and lasting effects in their lives.

  1. Healing Chöd meditation rituals are done 1 to 3 times per week, as well as one full day ritual per month.
  2. This means a minium of 60 healing rituals per year (but as many as 150!).
  3. It also means inclusion in annual 10-day Drupchen of Shinjé, Vajrakilaya, Troma or Hayagriva (this depends on the decision of Tsewong Rinpoche).
  4. There is also inclusion in all other daily Sang rituals, Protector practices and so on!
  5. In order to participate, follow the following guidelines and submit the following.
  6. Requested donation for this precious, ongoing healing is $200 for a  full year of Tibetan Healing Chod and associated rituals ($4 per week!).
  7. These funds are for the support of the Lamas, monks and three-year retreatants in this very remote, small monastery, founded by Sangye Lingpa in the 16th century.

How to create an Identity Packet for Tibetan Healing Chod:

  • Use a recent photo, approximately 4 x 6 inches (on photo paper is best).
  • On the reverse, put your birth name and birth date.
  • On the reverse tape a SINGLE STRAND of HAIR.
  • Also tape a SMALL square of clothing (1 or 2″ square).. Could be a label.
  • This must be from some unwashed piece of clothing you have worn.
  • Send to us, along with your address and email.
  • Enclose a  check for the annual fee, payable to TIBETAN HEALING CHOD.


  • Payment can also be made via Paypal ($206.00)
  • For second year participants, the cost is reduced to only $125 for the full year of healing!
    to lamajinpa@tibetancho.com

We will be bringing all new Identity Packets to Bhutan in JULY, 2012 and after that, not again for about 6 months.

For details and information visit the school’s website here.

Photo and copy credit.

Monk photo

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