5 Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell you

Whether or not you’re part of the 25% of adults who’ve seen a therapist, these insider secrets will give you a dose of mental medicine.

1. Don’t take it personally if you see me outside the office and I ignore you.

If I’m with someone, introducing you as my patient would violate patient confidentiality.

2. It never hurts to ask for a lower fee.

Some of us will say yes.

3. Anyone can call him- or herself a psychotherapist or a therapist.

You want a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a clinical social worker, or a marriage, family, and child counselor. You have to be licensed to use those titles.

4. Please don’t ask things like “Don’t you agree?”

If you’re looking for approval, you’re not going to get it. A good counselor is not there to say yes to everything.

5. The people who pay for their therapy themselves seem to get better faster.

The patients who rely on insurance are typically not as motivated.

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