Why Not Quote Everyday People? Pt.1

Why don’t we just quote everyday people?  Do we remember what they have said to us?  We usually don’t write these things down.  Maybe once and awhile we see something on a billboard or hear something meaningful, but do we take the time to really connect to it?

Is relying on quotes from others a crutch?  Isn’t it helpful to look at the wisdom that has been passed down through the ages and see what resonates in our soul?

Maybe aphorisms, sayings and quotes from others can give us a moment to pause, reflect, smile and possibly gain insight into our own greater truth and ability to create a meaningful quote.

Words are just a means by which we communicate.  You could also gain insight and impressions through pictures, music, film.

Knowing there were others on this planet who chose to look through reality and document their observations in words is comforting.

Writing tells a story.  It invites us in if it captures our attention.  It’s a tool to create art.

Writing also is a means of expression, of depicting emotions and feelings on the page.  It can be cathartic the way throwing a bunch of paint onto a canvas is or dancing your heart  out on the stage.

I offer words to the world as an offering, of hope, of stirring up feelings, of encouraging people to question, encouraging people to feel something.

We’ve tuned out a lot.  Our smart phones and social media give us this impression that we have all that we could ever need:  “friends”, “connection”, “information”, “entertainment”, “popularity”, but it’s a big delusion.

What remains when we disconnect from all that technology is our human selves.  Our in and out breath.  Our mind.  Our existence.

So, with that simple state of being, what can cut through all the layers of distraction?  Perhaps a short phrase.  Perhaps a joke.  Perhaps an image or sound that creates a swell of emotion within.

I look for that first for myself.  To save my own self from being swallowed whole by the ever-turning machine of civilization.  I seek out inspiration so that I can continue to exist in reality and serve as a beacon of hope and light for others.

Without other sources of inspiration to guide me, I am lost at sea.  I am lost in advertising, people’s agendas, people’s postings of their pets and recipes.  I want to connect to the deeper impressions people have left behind.  Signposts, guidance, to shock me back into the fullness of life.

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  1. Bruce Magnotti
    May 07, 2012 @ 10:35:47

    Here is one quote from an ordinary person:

    “Enlightenment is as easy as remembering how you thought when you were a child.”

  2. reikitrainingprogram
    May 07, 2012 @ 10:38:04

    Awesome Bruce!

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