Why Not Quote Everyday People? Pt.2

We’ve got this one precious life, as the people we are now.  It’s a short life and we can make it meaningful or not.  We can choose to be inspired or not.  We’ve got a choice in how we see the world, and yet, we forget that.  We think the world has to give us things rather than us engaging with it.  We wait and wait and wait for the next distraction, feel-good.

My daily posts, blogs, photos might have that quality, and yet, that’s not what I’m doing this all for.  I’m giving a point of reference for others to stop, for just a moment, and look, listen and feel.  But that’s my hope.  Perhaps all that is happening is in each post someone is simply consuming more knowledge without any digestion of it.

One phrase I hope does cut through the delusion is ‘many paths, one way’.  We are shaped by the path we have walked upon.  We are shaped by what decisions we have made along that path and where we now stand on it.

We can choose to get off it at any time, regardless of consequence.  Perhaps inspiring words, phrases, images and film, all the fodder of social media is one way of helping us find the true nature of the path we are to walk.

Perhaps that’s a lofty goal.

I get tired of having to think about the ramifications of my noble efforts.  So I come back to what I said before and that what I have to say, what I have to teach others is simply an offering.

Like a gift.

Here it is, if it works for you take it.  If it doesn’t, keep surfing, keep seeking, you’ll find something else that can assist you.  Maybe it’s years of mindlessly going through life, shopping, buying and accumulating things to fill this existential void.  Maybe it’s having 1000 Facebook friends because you need to feel you are popular.

I’m saying destroy this false illusion of self-importance.  Corral that ego.   We are taught to strive for our individual accomplishments, but what is really important and meaningful?:  Our contributions to the world that make us unique and special.

So, consequently, individuals who have achieved greatness are quoted, memorialized.  They have done something that no one else had done.  They are our heroes.

Everyday man is capable of the same achievements, but he or she often, for a whole variety of circumstances chooses another way.  No legacy, no words, no biography is left.

Perhaps if everyday man is inspired by the work and words of someone who has accomplished greatness, they too will also be recorded in history, passing along the same inspiration to others on the path.

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