Meeting a blind dog playing fetch

…is no small affair.  I went to a friend’s birthday party this weekend where there was this beautiful dog, Tulaila, who although blind, loved to play fetch.  Not in the way a seeing dog will play, she doesn’t ‘catch’ her stick, but she finds it by sound and smell.  Over and over again, she’d bring the stick to me, I’d throw it, and she’s find it without fail.  Into the darkness of night, but to her, all is dark, and yet, she’s not limited.  She recognized my voice each time.

If there ever was an inspiration for overcoming ‘limitations’ it was my precious interaction with her.  Her owners said that she had sight when they adopted her, but due to a degenerative condition, she eventually became blind.  But the rest of her carries on and she’s happy as any dog would be.

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of writing and contemplating on the ego, how it functions, how it limits us and how in animals it doesn’t exist.  At least, not the extent it manifests in our human beingness.

Thank you Tulaila for the reminder that what might be perceived as an obstacle is merely an adjustment.

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  1. Bruce Magnotti
    May 14, 2012 @ 08:58:06

    I consider the ego that aspect of the human that is programmed or conditioned by society. Parents, education, religion, the language of thought and communication, the media, even our own experiences form and reinforce this conditioning.

    It is really not something that will ever “die”, nothing we can get “rid” of. However by patient and objective observation we can enable it to find an expression that does not overpower our original, essential nature.

    This is why Jesus said we had to “become like little children” to enter that state of existence he called the “kingdom of heaven”. The ego is focused on the past as what we have learned and on the future as what we expect, hope for, even our intentions. The present moment is ignore by the ego. This present moment is where bliss and joy and intelligent fulfillment are possible.

    • reikitrainingprogram
      May 14, 2012 @ 09:48:52

      Agreed, that as long as we exist in ordinary reality the ego won’t die and it is something we must learn to work with. I heard an interview on NPR about how children up until about 6 exist in a creative/imaginative state. Once they head to school they get fixated on rules and the way things are supposed to be, so yes, getting back into being child self is practical and helpful advice in achieving more ego-less views! > New comment on your post “Meeting a blind dog playing fetch” > Author : Bruce Magnotti (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :

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