Finding Motivation: 5 steps

Sometimes this is the most challenging thing to do, right?  We go through the motions of the morning, and yet we feel a kind of abyss, a sense of ambivalence toward our tasks and day ahead.

Here are 5 steps I feel can help find motivation when it just doesn’t seem to be there:

1.  Honor your feelings.  Do you feel in a slump?  Are you tired?  Hungry?  Cranky?  Give space for that, maybe even write about it or talk to a friend about it.

2. Be prepared to move on.  Moaning and groaning perpetuate negativity.  Give yourself space for those feelings, but then also, cultivate a grattitude list.  What are you grateful for?  What makes you happy?

3. Eat something.  Not a whole 5 course meal, per se, but a bit of something nutritious to help normalize brain chemistry can help to shift perspective.  I’m not a nutritionist, but research shows that eating breakfast, for example, tends to give you energy (Mom always said…).

4.  Do something fun.  Yes, we all have the laundry list of things to do, but I’m sure there can be one fun thing you can spend 10 minutes on to give you a bit of ‘excitement juice’.  From hanging out with your kids, your pets, your plants or taking time to surf the net for jokes or a funny video.  But again, moderation, not a whole day of it.

5.  Take a break.  But maybe you need that whole day, or a few days.  Perhaps your lack of motivation is that you’ve honestly been working too hard and doing too much.  If you can swing it, take the day off.  And unplug.  And if nature is your thing, go for a walk or hike.  Replenish and Renew.

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