Expanding creativity in the classroom

I just finished a full weekend of satisfying advanced Reiki classes with the help of real and imaginary students.  These two picture, my sentient chicken Beatrice and my new adoptee Babs the baboon puppet were proxies for various exercises we did.

Using ‘devices’ like stuffed toys/puppets stimulates students creativity.  It also brings a bit of levity to the deeper issues we worked with this weekend:  anger, depression, anxiety, grief and loss.

Expanding creativity is a way of being, it incorporates itself into your world if you give it space.  The classroom, for me, is such a space, and full of rich and rewarding experiences.

As a teacher, using these proxy sit-ins, it also allows students to have a ‘client’ to work on that is far from threatening.  So I encourage those that teach to have such objects at their disposal.

I’m grateful for being able to do this work, and I know my ‘assistants’ that help out, such as Beatrice and Babs, had as much fun and enjoyed learning from the interactions with everyone.  Thanks again!


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