Revealing truth about the mass Peruvian Pelican and Dolphin die-off of 2012

Something disturbing is going on off the coasts of Peru.  Massive amounts (5000 or more) of pelicans have turned up dead as well as an estimated 1000 dolphins.  Locals describe never having seen anything of this magnitude in their lifetime.

Official are saying the events are unrelated, that the fish the pelicans eat have moved elsewhere due to water currents and temperature.  So the pelicans have been starving.  The dolphins, on the other hand, have been found with burst ear drums and high gas levels in their bloodstream, indicated decompression.  Environmentalists blame the oil companies creating loud, underwater explosions.

The officials aren’t sure, the environmentalists are still investigating.  The marine life has given their bodies as a symptom of something terribly out of balance.

I’d like to dedicate the 5/24 Reiki Healing Group to this issue.  So, whether you tune in for 10 minutes or the whole hour of 10-11am, please hold the ‘release of truth’ in the forefront of your intention.

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