Occupy Yourself!

In order to be ‘ego-free’ you first need to know what it is you are making space for, and wow, that can be a  lot of fun! .  There is nothing more rewarding than standing in your shoes/being/body and declaring to the world, here I am!  Confidence, charm, beauty, resilience, the ripples effect all in your path.

I had a conversation with a colleague the other day about this and she said, ‘But Eileen, how do you know when it’s “too much”?’  Basically, when is occupying ‘yourself’ too much for the world around you to cope with.

My initial response was, ‘let the world deal!’ just keep expanding!  But once I came back from that bubble, I did mention that it is helpful to have the “dimmer switch” as I call it, as a helpful control valve on an expansive personality.

So how does it work?  Basically, when you are in certain circumstances where having your personality occupy the whole room would feel suffocating, you imagine you have a kind of ‘dimmer switch’ to turn down the volume.

You are still occupying yourself, being you, but instead of on full out neon flashing lights, you are a bit more incandescent, shall we say.

But there is a caveat.  You have to be mindful of the switch.  So if you alter your mind, through substance or situation, that switch will not be under your direction.  When that happens, oh, and I can say this has occurred more than once in my life, watch out world!

The personality has entered the room.

Which, isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it be quite entertaining, as long as you have the time and space to be entertained.

But it’s ‘full on’ and this is the challenge, because it’s a bit difficult to be mindful when that happens.  Best bet is to have an exit strategy.

Take all that whirlwind energy and start to pull it back.  This is not easy, nor is it necessarily fun, but it is possible, and a way of integrating that expansiveness back into you for even a greater occupation!

I’ve got more to say on this but not enough time this morning to continue…hopefully tomorrow…stay tuned..

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