Visioning exercise for your ideal future

The following guided visualization is a tool for giving attention to your own vision for an ideal future.  Read it over to get a sense of the imaginary adventure.  Decide how far into the future you would like to vision.  (It is a good idea to fit this to where you are on the circle of change-some people will do best to look a month, six months or a year ahead; others are ready to dream five years or more.)  Find a quiet place to begin and set aside about 20 minutes.

Relax:  Begin by taking a couple deep breaths, relaxing and getting quiet.  Focus your attention on the “screen of your mind”-where the imagination comes to life.

The Setting:  With your imagination, create an outdoor setting; place yourself in the middle of it-feel the sun on your skin, touch the grass and see how the sun lights it up.  Smell the air and feel the warm breeze.  There is a path nearby that leads off toward the horizon.

Walk into Life:  Step onto the path and begin to walk.  While you cannot be sure what is ahead, you walk forward into life with an openness to meet the challenges and a willingness to give something of yourself to the journey.

Living Water:  Around a bend the trail dips down a slight hill to an arching bridge that crosses a stream.  When you reach the bridge stop for a moment at the apex and listen to the sounds of the water below.  As you listen you find that something deep in you relaxes and you have the sensation of an “inner river” flowing through you.  Along with this feeling you have a sense of this flow as a limitless resource of life flowing through you and supporting you in this journey

Obstacle:  Continuing on the path you come across an obstacle blocking your way.  With some effort and creativity you find the way to master this obstacle and continue forward on your path.

Mountain Cave:  The path begins to wind up a mountain and takes more effort to walk.  In time you come to the mouth of a tunnel that goes into the hill.  (At this point you may find a wise guardian who offers to guide you through the next part of your journey).

Into the Future:  Before you’ve walked far into the tunnel you see a faint point of light ahead.  The light grows very bright as you get closer to what you see is the end of the tunnel.  Once you step out of the tunnel and your eyes adjust to this new world you find that you are in your own ideal future.  It is morning and the day is about to begin; you are surprised to find that everything is in place just perfectly-even better than you had dreamed.  Take your time and walk through the details of the day.  What is different in your life, how do you feel, what are the qualities of your work, relationship and other areas of life?  Linger on the parts that are especially welcome to find. (Be silent for several minutes)

Return:  When you are ready take a final look around at this world, then step back into the mouth of the tunnel and trace your path back through the mountain, across the bridge and back to the beginning point.  Close your ‘inner eyes’ and move your awareness back into the room where you began this exercise.

Jot some notes or write out the story of what you created and found on your journey.  If you had trouble imagining a future try it again later or just write out a story of what you might find if you were to walk through an ideal future day.  Remember this is not a prophecy or practical plan-it is the future your heart has room to imagine.

Copyright 1992 Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal, Seattle, WA.  All rights reserved.


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