Staying centered in change

Some days the amount of change that happens in a short span of time seems like the vortex of calamity has descended upon your life.  All I find I can do is find my center, because some of the changes are just, well, beyond my control.

So, I come back to center, literally, in the middle of my body, feeling my solar plexus with my Reiki hands and take a nice, long, deep breath.  The changes are still happening, but I’m able to see ‘through’ them a bit more, not being so attached to the what if’s and how comes of it all.

It’s a practice, and for me, it requires patience.  It’s letting go to the result of so much happening and being with the present moment.

In that moment, just where the breath comes in and goes out, is a small change that occurs naturally.  For me, that observation, makes the change bearable.

And then, just as life is, the velocity of change will often slow down, and a certain status quo seems to return, at least for a little while.  I rest in that plateau, finding my ground once again.



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