Contacting higher selves for conflict resolution

I had a client of mine recently talk about contacting the ‘higher self’ of one of their elderly in-laws who was being rather abusive to him (my client).  The in-law had dementia and was not able to rationally control their temper and language to my client.

So, in a fit of desperation, my client told the higher self of the in-law that ‘enough was enough’.  No more abusive language, no more displays of anger.  Find peace, find peace within yourself.

The in-law seemed to respond to these requests.  During the several times my client visited their relative following this connection, the in-law seemed more at ease.  When their health began to deteriorate, my client continued to send light and connect with the higher self of their in-law.  Eventually, after they had passed on, the connection was still there, and the in-law ‘asked’ my client if he could make sure they were buried with a special necklace they had worn in life.

It’s a very curious case study for me.  I know the power of connecting to one’s own higher self, and I generally contact this ‘realm’ when I’m sending distant Reiki to my own clients and relatives.

But for the purpose of conflict resolution…that opens a whole other realm of possibilities and potential.  I’m trying this right now with a relative of my partner that he is having trouble with.  So far, in the first attempt, I received a lot of insight into the situation.

As always, when contacting individual’s higher selves, you must ask for permission.  If there isn’t permission, you must honor the free will.  I look forward to new discoveries in this domain.

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