Happy Summer Solstice 2012!

 “Summer is a celebration of the earth incredible bounty… Summer is a festival of this inner fire/power, the power that makes abundance and nourishment grow from tiny seeds.”
“The power that brings things to fulfillment, and expands and brightens our lives, that makes good things come from seed–ideas and plans. And the warmth of the sun and the long, hot days continually remind us of how good it is to find a balance between intense activity and lazy, idle hours doing nothing.”
“Summer teaches us patience. The fruit is green until it’s ripe and you just can’t rush it. Something of the slow, sure rhythm of the time will enter into us if we let it; no, we can’t hurry things, but if we just relax and let go, things will reach their fullness without effort or ego–striving on our part.”
“And as we watch the ripening and flowering and fruiting all around us, we can’t help but be moved by and grateful for the generosity of the Earth Mother, who gives says what we need so unstintingly. Summer is a perfect time to discover our earth connection; by receiving her gifts with respect, taking only what we need, and doing what we can to minimize our impact on the delicate balance of the planet, we strengthen and nourish the bond we were given a birth with the great parent who sustains us all.”
“Many of us take vacations and summer; we can use this time to create whole days of celebration around ancient festivals that honor the Earth’s life– giving relationship with the sun. By entering into activities that teach respect for and connection with these great powers – vital sun and nourishing earth – we align ourselves with those powers in a very deep way.”
“And as we watch the field baking in the heat –as we feel the sun power to burn as well as to bless – we can feel our own gifts, our own special abilities as they ripen and swell, and know that we, too, have the power to make a difference for growth or for destruction in the world…. it is a time to mark peak moments, moments of warmth and growth.”
“Our ancestors built huge bonfires on this day to celebrate their tangible connection to the vital power of the immense burning star that keeps our planet bright, warm and alive. It’s a good time to remember that we, like the sun, contain the power to nurture and sustain, and that we have a responsibility to burn as brightly as we can.…”
“(It) is the time to invite fire into our lives –fire to burn away all that we have outgrown and all that no longer serves us; fire that makes the wild things grow in us, for which our inner selves have longed…”
“We are all connected –people, planet, and sun. If we align ourselves with the power in others and in the natural forces around us, what we are unable to do with our own puny ego–selves can be made to happen –if it is attuned to the needs of the inner self and those upon which we are connected.”
~ Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw from Celebrating the Great Mother



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