The benefits of a Reiki clinic

We envision a self-sustaining Reiki clinic open to the public and veterans and their families, where paid practitioners and staff can provide Reiki sessions and classes to the public.  It would be the first one of it’s kind in Seattle and provide employment and low-cost alternative care to those in need.

The Reiki Training Program and Fellowship has already witnessed the demand for low-cost or free Reiki in the various outreach events and demonstrations we have been providing over the last 10 years.

There is an opportunity to become eligible for a 250k grant that is provided through Chase Bank, but your vote depends on it.

Time is running out!  You can help us manifest our vision of our Reiki clinic  by these 4 simple steps:

1.  Click on the Mission:  Small Business website here:

2.  Login with your Facebook account (lower right side)

3.  Enter ‘Reiki Training Program’ under Vote Local

4.  Click on ‘Vote’

Thank you for your support, we need 250 votes by midnight 6/30/12!



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