A tattoo for a day

I had a fun day, just one, of walking around with this dragon tattoo on my arm. Never having gotten a permanent tattoo,  this was the closest I’ve come. I’ve only tried this twice before.  When I was 18, I drew a colored rose on my arm and last year I had a henna design on my hand.

But after yesterday’s biggest experiment, I’m reminded why I’ve never committed to having it sealed into my skin.

For one, the designs I’ve had have always intrigue me and I spend a lot of time admiring the art.  You’d say, what’s wrong with that?  Well, it gets kind of distracting, I’m always looking at it, getting ‘in touch’ with whatever image is now hanging out with me.

I went about my day, but I couldn’t help but want to feel tough, pretty, and a force to be reckoned with, as if the dragon was snarling smoke out of my arm!  Again, nothing wrong with that…but it felt like something being on perpetual ‘play’ without room for pause unless I put a shirt sleeve over the design.  Even then, I could feel it lurking beneath…wanting to come out!

Because I am artist myself, I start to really bond with the image, in this case, the dragon, and ‘channel’ that kind of energy.  Again, nothing wrong with that…but if that was a permanent picture, what do I do when I’m no longer in the mood of the image?    That’s one reason why I never went permanent.

The second reason is that everything changes over time. Not just your attachment to the image, but hey folks, gravity happens.  What’s that nice, taught design going to look at when you are wrinkled 20 or 30 years from now?

I know, I know, those of you who have tattoos that you’ve outgrown or no longer want will tell me you can have them removed.  But ugh, more pain, more expense…

I’m open to the possibility of something permanent, but I’m not sold yet.  Even after I gave that dragon a whole day to play with my psyche.  Thoughts?



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