Rebuilding the foundation

Here it is September, time to get back to blogging, writing and building a stronger foundation for my work, my world and the connections around me.  The summer has been a time to explore and expand and take in all that is great and beautiful about the Pacific Northwest.  Yet, as the sunsets get earlier each day, I’m reminded that the fall is a time to begin sorting through what is needed and what is not.  It’s a good place to begin a lifestyle upgrade.

For one, I’m dedicating more time to my writing, and by default, to meditation.  Blogging and writing for me are ways of clearing my mind, voicing my opinion, making decisions and creating new thought.  It’s always done in solitude, myself on the keyboard, or on occasion, pen on the page.

To balance out that inner solace, joining together in community is needed.  My Reiki work guarantees that sense of connection, but I also enjoy connecting to other spiritual circles and look forward to spending time in prayer and contemplation with these groups throughout the fall.

My inner artist demands expression, so with that, I will devote time to the canvas, the paper, or whatever other medium is wanting to be explored.

Finally, my relationship with my beloved, both the Divine and in human form, is strengthened through all these devotions.  Let fall begin!


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  1. Stacy Ferrell
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 20:20:28

    Love your website! Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone.

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