Riding the merry-go-round again

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve last come to this blog.  Maybe it’s the onset of winter, the darker days, that leads me back to the inner thoughts and ideas that often find themselves here.

I made a commitment to myself to consolidate all the writings of the past year into a sort of ‘Survival Guide for Ordinary Reality’.  I can use all that wisdom now!

It’s a challenging days ahead.  My beloved is back to work in another state while I keep the home fires a’burning doing my own service to the world:  running a Reiki school.

We’ve had to navigate this long distance aspect of our relationship over the past year, mostly successfully, but not necessarily easy.

After returning from an incredible trip we just took to Maui to celebrate my dad’s birthday, I return to the routine in Seattle with a bratty, kind of ‘now what?’ attitude.

What’s most important to me?  My relationship and the work I do in the world and currently the two can’t exist in the same place.

So I cultivate patience and perseverance and respect and honor for all the couples throughout time that have been separated due to work, service or family obligations.  I’m not alone in my quandary, and yet on most days I feel alone.

That’s the big tackle.  How to turn feeling alone from being one of solitary confinement into an opportunity for getting to know oneself on a deeper level.  To cultivate and nurture new and existing friendships.  To write, to draw, to create.  To catch up on reading.

That’s the positive spin.  So I’ll head in that direction for awhile and see what manifests on this ride of the merry-go-round.



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