Finding meaning in Sagittarius

Being a Sagittarius I should be thrilled the sun is now in my sign (of both my sun and ascendant)..but it feels more like a challenge right now.

Jupiter is a strong planet and it often demands a lot of strength and determination.

What I have learned about living and being this fire sign is that it always has helped me take the lead when called to do so.  My moon is is Aries as well, so I’ve often got a full flow of fire energy available.

Except currently, the fire feels like it’s not roaring but crackling very quietly, like the embers after a full blaze has gone awry.

So, I’m sitting with that.  Years of Reiki practice and my counseling background have allowed me to witness without that patience and perseverance I’ve had to cultivate.  It’s useful to me right now.

Turning an ember over, as if in a daydream in front of a camp fire, I’m wondering what will be started next.  Despite knowing how to build and work a fire, my ability to predict it’s transformation into what it wants to become isn’t clear.  As an archer, I know how important it is to have a target to aim for.  I don’t have that in sight.

So for now, I find myself simply doing archery practice without a defined goal.  Just strengthening my muscles so they can be taught when the time comes to be thrust into flight.  I go back over to the embers of my fire as well, making sure it’s stoked for what it wants to catch ablaze when that time should come.

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