Poetry in motion


Last night I attended a poetry reading at C & P Coffee in West Seattle.  It’s been years since I have stumbled back into the eloquence of the spoken word.
What I am reminded of is the effect a well-constructed phrase spoken with passion and conviction can have.
Last night there were only a few such moments, but my take away was the slogan, “Don’t take life so seriously..it’s not permanent”.
Wise and witty, it made me smile and appreciate a group of folks dedicated to expression through poetry in motion.
I thought of my younger years, when I wrote poems almost daily, published several, and like the group last night, stood before the crowd, bearing my truth.
Perhaps I will dig back through my files and put some musings on this blog.  Perhaps I’ll craft one anew.

Like that take-away slogan, poetry in motion isn’t permanent, but perhaps the effects can be more long-lasting.


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