Free Concert this Sunday eve

2012-12-03 19.50.55I used to sing in my church choir when I was a teenager.  It was less about the church and more about the community and having fun sharing in song.  This past quarter I enrolled in South Seattle Community College’s community choir.  Felt like a fun thing to do.  Our ‘Mostly Messiah’ concert will be Sunday, December 9th at 7pm in Olympic Hall 120.  It’s free and open to the public.

What I’m reminded of this go-round of weekly choir practice is how singing can strengthen the voice.  It’s great for the heart and throat chakras.  I always feel these areas of my body a bit more acutely after singing.

The performance aspect is actually secondary.  I’m sure our concert will be great and those who attend will get into the holiday spirit.  If you come, there is a sing-along part of the show.

In pursuit of my artistic muse, I’m delving back into visual arts next quarter.  Perhaps coming back to choir at some point, but as much as it’s been enjoyable and fun, and the teacher, Paula Herd is fantastic, my artistic calling will want another means of expression.

I’ve been painting and drawing for years as well, but have never taken a formal class of instruction, so stay tuned for what develops by next spring.

In the meantime, lend your voices and open your ears for a free concert this weekend!



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