Vows to Celebrate Union


In honor of the enacting of Referendum 74 today for same-sex couples to have the equal right to marry I wanted to share these vows of commitment that are apropos for such a union:

  1. May we not just accept each other as we are, but accept each other as we know what each can become, and thereby help each other to become that.
  2. May we freely realize the gift-love and the need-love of one another.
  3. May our gifts to each other be from the depths of our very being and our need for one another be not out of weakness, nor to fill our emptiness, but a way of knowing our strengths and power.
  4. May we always tenderly touch one another so that each may grow in love.
  5. May our embraces be doors to greater discoveries and not walls that contain or restrict us.
  6. May we experience the mystery of being through our love.
  7. May we know that injury has no place in our love.
  8. May our love for each other so transform us that others who move in the circle of our lives will be renewed.
  9. And, may we know that our love for one another exists only because our Creator first loved us.

Copyright Eileen Dey 2012


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