Journey through Samsara

image-03I went to see the movie Samsara last night and was incredibly moved by the images and music conveyed in the film.  If you’ve ever seen the director’s work before you’ll be familiar with the style, no narration, but more of an art film that let’s the viewer come to his or her own conclusion about the subject matter.

The subjects in  Samsara are the contrasts of the raw power of Nature contrasted with our modern society so attached to war, ideologies, consumerism…at what cost?  The word “Samsara” refers to the Buddhist belief of the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.

Many people write about and report on our world, but in this medium, film, shot in 70mm, covering 25 countries, you are able, if you are open to it, to feel suffering and be shocked by some scenes and then experience liberation about realizing you can personally make a choice to step outside the ‘machine of modern consumerism’ if you want to.

But you should see it for yourself.  You might choose to focus on how religions and beliefs, can be just as addictive as the products we purchase in stores.  The footage of millions and millions of devout Muslims circling the Kabba at Mecca is mesmerizing.  Then the director speeds up the film and there is the strong intention of Islam generating a counterclockwise spiral of intention out into the world.  The cho ku Reiki of the Muslim.

The movie offers an opportunity to receive both insight and perspective, and possibly clarity on what your own motivation is.  Enjoy!

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