Witnessing Christmas

snow-covered-christmas-tree3Not having to be anywhere for Christmas this year has made all the noise of the season quietly come to a mere whisper.  It’s very quiet in my home.  I did put up some lights and small decorations as an offering to the season, but they aren’t what connects me to it.

This, for me, is a witnessing Christmas.  I’m still a part of the holiday, but this year, as a curious observer.  Watching other friends and family wrapped up in their own celebrations, I realize I have the opportunity to go deeper into the moment, then perhaps even they do.  Not burdened with planning or hosting dinners, parties, or celebrations, I get to ‘show up’, be present and see what transpires.

This state of being feels in direct opposition to what is being expressed in homes, stores, churches, and in the media.    I am aware of the non-doing quality of being present as opposed to the doing quality of  being ‘in action’.  I’m passively, but consciously participating.  This way of walking through the world has given me a great deal of freedom.  After this holiday has passed my hope is to keep this awareness as life becomes busy and full again.

But for now, I quietly witness a merry Christmas.

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