Questions to ask a Reiki Master

71698_444606253582_653163582_5487713_1048131_nI often get invited to do radio interviews, and a recent host asked me to come up with a list of 15 good questions to ask a Reiki master.  Here’s the list I came up with and over the next few weeks, I’ll come back to each one and expand my answers a little bit more.  If you have others you can think of, let me know.    The short answer to all these questions is start to practice.  Make the time for Reiki and it (the energy) will be come your teacher..but more to come..Thanks!

  1. Where does Reiki come from?
  2. Can anyone learn how to ‘do’ it?
  3. What can I expect from practicing Reiki on myself?
  4. What are the advantages to joining a Reiki circle or share?  What can I expect?
  5. How can I make Reiki a part of my family routine (and they not consider it strange)?
  6. Is there a difference between giving Reiki to animals than people?
  7. I heard you can give Reiki to food and water, how does that work?
  8. Do I have to practice Reiki in a certain space and/or need special equipment?
  9. How does Reiki effect my environment?
  10. How does one work on healing their own inner child/past trauma with Reiki?
  11. What are the effects of Reiki when one is sick or having surgery?
  12. Are there any side-effects or counter-indications to applying Reiki?
  13. Where is Reiki being used in the mainstream?
  14. What are some scientific studies on Reiki?
  15. Can I do an exercise to experience what Reiki is?

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