Where does Reiki come from?

21955116903852784_ObObeUFO_cWhen I teach Reiki, I make a point of talking about all the world cultures that have used energy as part of their healing systems.  In China, it is called chi, in India, prana, and in our own Western civilization, the first physicians in ancient Greece talked about the 5 elements which included ether, which is similar to the same concept.

Reiki is equivalent to all these different words and descriptions.  What distinguishes Reiki is the system in which it is taught and practiced.

Students receive attunements, which are empowerments for their own subtle energy systems, helping to open them as channels to work with this universal life force.

The practice of Reiki is also very passive, it’s not directive, which is quite different from other systems.  The practice of Reiki is about ‘holding space’ and ‘being present’.  The practice is about offering healing energy for the highest and best good rather than ‘making something heal’ or removing something bad.

But where does this universal life force coming from?  It just is.  It’s always been.  It’s what connects the heavens with the earth.  It’s what allows all life forms to thrive.  The founder of the system of Reiki, Mikao Usui, had a satori, or illuminating experience on the sacred mountain, Kuryama in which he was infused with this energy.  He showed his students how to work with it and that is what has been passed down over the decades, teacher to teacher, teacher to student, student to student.

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