Welcome gentle snow blessing!

seattle-snow1I’m witnessing the first Seattle snow this morning out my bedroom window.  It’s always lovely to see when you know it’s not going to accumulate or you have to shovel but you can appreciate the snow for what the snow is.  The quiet, light  and frosty blanket of white covering my the winter ground.  It reaffirms for me to continue the inner work I have started this season.  Spending much time in reflection, contemplation and meditation.  In Reiki parlance, I’d call that ‘Honoring the Pause’.

There have been several community gatherings and prayer circles I’ve been attending that support this inner state and I feel grateful for having been invited into their warm and nurturing embrace.

I think the snow in the time I have written this is now ceased, but it’s memory is still there, if only for another hour, saying to me, rest, rest, go within, become frozen and still, if only for the moment.

I honor this message.

Copyright 2013 Eileen Dey

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