Reiki may not be the path for you

b064f620020d8f3b70c06d5ea4c25567These are the words I had to say to an inquiring student recently.  You might be surprised I’d actually say something like that, I was, but let me give you an idea of how the conversation went and you be the judge.  Let’s call the student “Sam” to make this easier:

Sam:  Hi, I have been having experiences with energy and want help with it.

Me:  Hi Sam, thanks for calling, what kind of experiences have you been having?

Sam:  I can move things around in the room.  Does Reiki make things catch on fire?

Me:  Wow, that’s quite something Sam.  No, Reiki doesn’t make things move like that and it doesn’t ignite things.  Are you doing that with your energy practice?

Sam:  Sometimes.  I’ve made things disappear and levitate too.  Can Reiki do that?

Me: Sounds like quite an energy practice Sam, no, Reiki doesn’t make things disappear.  Reiki is Universal Energy and it is used for healing oneself and others.

Sam:  But can it be used for entertainment?

Me:  Hmmm, if you are asking if it can be controlled or manipulated my answer is again, no.  Sam, perhaps Reiki may not be the path for you.  There are many paths of learning energy healing, Reiki being one of them.  Perhaps you might have more resonance with Shamanism, hypnotism or something similar.

Sam:  But if it’s Universal Energy maybe I can make it even bigger.

Me:  Sorry Sam, there is no ego in Reiki, you can’t control it like that.  There is no agenda.

Sam:  Can you clear my chakras so I do Reiki?  What am I feeling right now?

Me:  Sam, sorry, this is just a conversation, not a session.  If you want that work, you’ll have to schedule an appointment.

Sam:  Maybe I can teach you what I know, would you like to learn from me?

Me:  I’m sure you have much to teach, but I don’t work like that.  My role is to be one’s teacher of Reiki in the tradition I was trained in, like I mentioned, this might not be the path for you, but I am sure you will find a teacher and a path  that can honor the gifts and talents you have.

Sam:  Well, thank you.

Me:  You are welcome Sam.

And then I spent the rest of the afternoon contemplating and hoping that Sam would find a teacher that could assist him in getting to know himself and handle his own ego.  I could feel his manipulation attempts, it’s not the first time I’ve encountered this in the realm of things New Age, but it’s been rare.  I usually have just walked away, but this was a phone call and I tried to be as polite and honest as I could.

I’m not the teacher of such things and as such, walk a different path.  My hope is that Sam walks a path that can honor him and the world we live in.  So mote it be!  Thoughts?

Copyright 2013 Eileen Dey


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