Doubting oneself

260d01ccd6caff276bcf07a8b3240062I often hear from students and practitioners of Reiki, ‘Am I doing enough?’ or ‘Is the Reiki doing anything?’.  These are great questions to have.  They imply a state of ‘not-knowing’, which is exactly where you want to be with Reiki, you don’t want to be an ‘expert’.  As George Iles says, “Doubt is the beginning and not the end of wisdom”.

Let’s first take the second one, “Is the Reiki doing anything”.  We get used to ‘feeling’ the heat, tingling, pulsing, vibration, etc. of Reiki and when it’s not there we panic.  Aaah!  What happened?  What did I do wrong?


Reiki is not contingent on you feeling anything.  Because it’s not about you.  Greater than you by many galaxies.  So the fact that you, humble human practitioner don’t feel anything, well, don’t take it personally.

“But, my client isn’t feeling anything either”, you might contest.  Again, Reiki doesn’t care.  But I’d beg to differ that your client isn’t feeling anything at all.  If you have practiced Reiki, your client has probably been able to have some time being held unconditionally in quiet space and self-reflection.  At a minimum, there has been a decrease in stress and external stimuli.  Perhaps even a greater degree of relaxation.

Reiki, regardless of feelings or sensations, always, without fail, in my 18+ years of observation and practice, offers s bit of sanctuary.

But I’m not an ‘expert’.  However, I do have some experience.

Ok, let’s get back to that first question, “Am I doing enough?”.  The practice of Reiki asks that you be a humble conduit, a compassionate witness and a holder of healing space and intention while respecting the boundaries of your client.  If you are do that, you are doing enough.

But you might feel you need to do something more:  give advice, make some magical sensation happen, make loud noises or big gestures.  STOP!  That’s not Reiki and it’s not needed.

Put that ego away.  There’s no need for that in Reiki.  Drop into your heart and leave your head/mind out of the picture.  Offer healing for the highest and best good.

Give any doubts you have over to Reiki, as an offering.  You’ll realize your silent presence is as much the gift as the flow of unconditional Universal Energy.

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