Who are you?

eb4926a314a2a4f0c2251cc02857b483It’s more than a question, it’s a contemplation.  On the surface you could answer what roles, gender of status you have.  Maybe you identify with a certain group, culture or position.  But I implore you to go deeper.

Are you still holding on to fears and resentments from the past that have yet to be acknowledged?  How do these still effect you and the decisions you make day-to-day?

Do you still carry with you the misdeeds of the past?  Who do you need to forgive (or who has not yet forgiven you?)?

As you work through these questions of contemplation in a thorough and thoughtful manner (which may take many, many hours of your time), then the magnification of this question truly remains.  It becomes a statement calling you out of the shadows of your self and into the absolute honesty of your true essence.

Who are you in this moment if all that you defined yourself to be-no longer has relevance?

It’s an extremely powerful exercise in self-exploration and transcendental growth.

Working through that internal gauntlet you emerge with a new view.  The form of your human beingness may still look the same, but your consciousness will take time to adjust to your new perspective.

This is the thorough process of the 4th step in the 12 step programs.  I recommend going through it with a guide, and afterward, give plenty of time and space to see and thrive in your new world view.


Copyright 2013 Eileen Dey

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