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77fc7c6bf040624c670142220b142c11To be honest means to be free from deception.  The TV show The Office was so brilliant because each actor gave a candid account of what they were truly thinking, whether it was politically correct or not, which as a viewer, we’d all have liked to do at one time or the other in our own workplace.

But the work that is involved in being truly honest with ones own self, requires addressing and acknowledging the things that deceive our psyche.

This is no small endeavor, because our psyche might be trying to outsmart our questioning consciousness!

Items that need to be addressed include looking at:  What are your false beliefs?  What are you really feeling?  Hurt? Anger? Fear?  Are you giving room and space for them?  Or are you holding back, covering them up, numbing them out, projecting them on to others, failing to see clearly what is really going on?

This is a process that is often helpful to explore with the help of a compassionate witness.  Whether that is a therapist, mentor, guide, or sponsor, it’s one that can hold a mirror up to you and say, “Ok, really, are you being honest?”.  And unlike the TV show or in the real life ‘office’, a compassionate witness is a safe space to articulate what we truly need to say without judgement, condemnation or criticism.

If you go further into definitions, one meaning for the word deception is “failing to fulfill’.  That, to me, implies a lack of responsibility on the person who is not being honest.   The deceiver has failed to fulfill because they were not being truthful.

Taking this a little further, it seems that when we are deceiving ourselves or others, when we aren’t being honest, we are failing to fulfill being the best we can possibly be!

Wow!  That’s quite a revelation.  Practicing honesty=Fulfilling our humanity=living in truth.  Let’s be honest is my guiding mantra!

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