Reiki at the Zoo

e39911ce473e98622e68861405da7615Animals, whether wild or domestic, are instinctual, intuitive and quite sensitive to the healing energy of Reiki.  This was extremely apparent on a recent trip I took to the zoo.  I recommend such a ‘field trip’ to any Reiki practitioner to further their awareness and connection, both to their practice and as an offering to the majestic creatures that live amongst us.

My recommendation is wearing a jacket or sweatshirt that has pockets on both sides you can put your hands into and direct energy outward.  Not that you couldn’t project Reiki with your hands open, but if you do, remember, you will be as much of a spectacle as the other exhibits there.  I call this form of practice ‘incognito Reiki’.

Then, find an exhibit that isn’t attracting a lot of attention.  Usually this would be one in which no apparent animal is ‘seen’.  They might be laying the grass or finding shelter behind a bush.  In my case, I found an exhibit on whooping cranes.  The tall grasses and pond layout was tranquil to look at, and I had the whole view to myself in the middle of busy day at the zoo.

As soon as I began connecting with Reiki flow the cranes made loud squawks from amidst their camouflage in the grasses.  It was stunning.  Then their curious heads peeked up at me, maybe 20 feet away.

I asked them in my mind if it was alright for them to receive Reiki, got a positive answer, and continued to send.  They both came out of the grass and into the open, a bit closer to me, watching.

Their sounds started to draw onlookers, but with my Reiki hands in my pockets, I just continued to send in a meditative mindset.  Then another curious side-effect occurred.

Onlookers started sitting near me, including children, that just moments before were yelling and screaming down the path.  They sat and stared at the the cranes, smiling toward me and they too started to calm down.  So, we all were having our own little Reiki circle in this pocket of the zoo!

After twenty minutes, I moved along to another exhibit, the path lead me into a bird aviary.  I began sending my Reiki incognito again.  Soon, many birds were landing near the bench I was seated on, and onlookers again, calmed down and took in the amazing colors and variety of life around us.

My last exhibit was to try a more popular one, that of the apes.  I initially stood off on the side, just sending Reiki out of my pockets and holding space for healing.  This was more challenging, because onlookers like to make comments, taunts and are fascinated looking into the ancestral face of apes.  I wasn’t attached at results, but what I did notice was that a meditative air started to infuse the exhibit after several minutes, one more of respect than the prior off-handed comments people had been making.

I think it’s a good reminder, to be respectful and mindful at the zoo.  To give back to these animals who’s lives are on display for us as the public to admire.  I highly recommend Reiki at the Zoo.

Copyright 2013 Eileen Dey


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