For the love of Fungi

2013-10-12 14.41.24I had the fantastic opportunity this weekend to attend the Wild Mushroom Show this weekend and be enchanted and connected to all things fungi!  My inner botany geek was rewarded!

I think I had a vague notion that there were folks out there interested in such things, but there must have been at least a thousand people there on Saturday when I went.  Amazing amount of humanity interested in the myriad of genus and species so beautifully represented.

What draws people to fungi?  I think I’ll have to attend a monthly meeting and find out more intimately, but I can only speak for myself.  I’m reminded of many years ago, my first years in college, as a biology/botany major.  My fascination was delving into the structure and function of how these organisms work, reproduce, and take over, really without any assistance from humans.

Sure, we have an affect on their habitat, but give them the right conditions:  dark, warm, moist and a few spores, and voila!  You’ve got some form of fungus growing.  To me that’s the purest representation of surviving and thriving.

My focus back in those days was actually more on the lichens, which contain fungus, and a photosynthetic organism that live together in symbiosis.  Teamwork in nature in action!  Sadly, since this show was mostly focused on mushrooms, there was only one table of lichens, but perhaps, if I get involved in this group, we can have more represented.

Ahh, so many interests, so little time.  Thank your Northwest for rekindling an old interest in my love of all things fungi!

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