Authentic Therapy with Reiki

As a coheartunselor, I bring an innovative and authentic approach to therapy.  I was trained traditionally, as a counselor, in a graduate program on the East Coast, and I have spent the last decade of incorporating Reiki, the energy modality into that foundation.

It has made me a more intuitive, sensitive and compassionate counselor.  I feel I do my best work with clients who are ‘stuck’.  Stuck in relationships, work environments, and within their own habits or patterns of living.  I have developed, through my practice with Reiki, a keen sense for those obstacles a client faces, and a way to help unravel, discern and transform what is standing in the way of their growth.

I created a vocational school of Reiki, the only one of it’s kind on the West Coast, The Reiki Training Program.  It has served as a model for other states across the nation to offer standardized training and mentorship for students interested in the healing arts.  Through that experience, I have had the honor to teach and guide thousands of students in fulfilling their goal of learning the self-healing and self-soothing technique of Reiki.

My approach to therapy is as a guide for my clients, to assist those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, grief/loss, past trauma and abuse as well as addictions.

I am an artist and a writer, as well as a counselor, and often integrate a creative approach to the challenges present in each session.  I have lead Artist’s Way groups, and have used this text as a starting point for clients seeking to break through their own mental and emotional blocks.

Reiki in therapy serves a variety of functions.  For the counselor, it is a tool to help maintain presence, active listening, and sense the emotional challenges of their client.  For the client, Reiki is an additional support, like another ‘guide’ in the session room, that helps facilitate relaxation and centering, to assist a client in receiving insight.

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