Second day of Happiness

camerazoom-20130902121943810It’s a great way to start the day knowing I’m taking on the intention of finding, being and spreading happiness into my life and the world. I just started yesterday.

Yesterday was inspiring, I met with a colleague who works with neurofeedback and learned about how tuning into our brainwave activity can change our behavior.  I’ll set up a scan with her to see what my brain looks like while I’m doing Reiki, can’t wait!

After a gratifying day of counseling clients, a meander through local Westcrest park proved refreshing and rewarding, watching the sun majestically set over the town I love.

Today, I venture up to the Ravenna Healing House, a lovely sanctuary where both Reiki, counseling and community combine to assist in bringing balance within.  Tonight is Reiki circle, feel free to come!

Eileen Dey 2014


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