Happiness: Day 3

alpine hiker I have to say that Reiki defined the happiness of today.  Whenever I have a full day devoted to this healing art, whether it’s through clients, self-treatments or circles/classes, I’m filled with joy.  Yesterday was an indulgent 8 hour stretch of Reiki energy in all it’s forms.

It was also a record-breaking heatwave in Seattle, and that weather had the effect of making me nostalgic for the New Jersey summers I grew up in.  Many happy memories of playing with my friends on the cool grass lawns in the shade, or running through sprinklers when the sun got too warm.  That nostalgia was a little surreal, because I gave myself a Reiki session yesterday and when I was waking out of it, I had to remind myself I was in Seattle.  Perhaps it was a little bit of time travel!

I’m looking forward today to offering more Reiki and counseling sessions, followed by our first NW Ayurveda Reiki circle tonight at 6:30pm!

Eileen Dey 2014


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