Happiness Day 4: Receiving offerings

offerings_11If there can be a theme for experiencing happiness, day 4 was about being open to receiving offerings, in all their forms.

The day started with my colleague, Jeri Hinman, giving me an intuitive physical therapy session, as part of the Reiki trade I started last week.

I am grateful I don’t have any pressing injuries or ailments, but I have some areas on my body where I had suffered sprains/strains in the past, so we were able to do some releasing work on these ‘old wounds’.  I’ve never had traditional physical therapy, so Jeri’s way was a complete integrative approach of assessment, stretching, yoga, energy work and breath work.  I’d recommend her treatments for individuals who have tried the traditional approach without result.

Later in the day, one of my clients gave me beautiful polished crystals and rocks he had found in his wilderness hikes.  It’s part of what he ‘does’, he told me, to present gifts of the earth for those that are doing good works upon it.

Lastly, I had our first West Seattle Reiki circle at NW Ayurveda in the evening, very happy to see familiar colleagues and tap into the extremely grounded energy of this new center.   The Reiki we worked with was offered to all, rippling out across the world.

Eileen Dey 2014


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