Nature happiness day 7

2014-07-05 18.51.56Heading over to Dry Falls in Eastern WA was our getaway for this weekend.  I had never been to that part of the state.  Picture a canyon stretching on for miles under blue sky, hot sun and dry air.  And yet, this lake that filled the valley teamed with flocks of Canadian geese and several other species of birds that called these wetlands home.

I don’t go camping nearly as much as I used to in my youth.  Richard and I gave it a good effort.  2014-07-05 18.26.09My favorite part is always making a scrumptious dinner of fire roasted peppers and lentil chili over the open fire.  As the star studded sky opened up all around us, my thoughts drifted to all of the past treks into the wilderness all around the world I’ve traversed in my life.2014-07-05 18.26.51

Free from social media, cell phones and email, my mind had more room to roam.  I may make this a more formal practice, perhaps each week if I’m able to, but at least once a month.  It feels very nourishing to turn off the technology.  It gave me more of an opportunity to be present.

Our last day we meandered back to Seattle through Ellensburg, where Richard went to college at Central.  It was a trip I had always wanted to take with him, to see his old stomping grounds, including the computer hall where he began to hone his skills that would make him into the amazing developer and engineer he is today.  We stopped by the home of his mentor, reconnecting with yet another important influence in his early life.  I’m happy to have met such inspiring people Richard has known in his life.2014-07-06 13.58.13

Returning to my home, I have a ritual after a camping trip of putting everything back in place, washing the car, a way to gently return to city life after spending time in nature.  Later this summer,  in August, we’ll be back out, at the Annual Reiki Retreat, and perhaps, another sojourn into the wilds of this beautiful state.2014-07-05 19.08.12

Eileen Dey 2014


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