The happiness of accomplishing tasks day 8

indexBack to work after a weekend off I feel renewed and invigorated.  I wrote my to-do list but didn’t even look at it, as I usually do, checking things off as I go.  Instead, I flowed from one task to the other, rather than going in any orderly way, and by the end of the day, all had been accomplished, including sauteing zucchini in a butter/cheese sauce and grilling an amazing flank steak on the BBQ!  I impress myself.

I look at my client/class schedule for the week ahead and see some more full days coming, but because I’m staying on top of things (at the moment), I don’t doubt I can tackle what comes my way.

There’s still a bit of sunlilght (as I write this in the evening), so I can even get a walk in.  My partner, Richard, is practicing gold panning on the back patio.  We both find what works for us after a full day.  I sooo appreciate the long day light of living in Seattle in the summer, and so, in taking on 100 days of happiness, the light illuminates this journey.

Eileen Dey 2014


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