Happiness of Trusting Intuition Day 9

1211111341For almost 20 years as a professional in the healing and helping arts, relying on my intuition has been a key ingredient for successful work.  And yet, even though I have many positive examples of following my instinct, I often am surprised when it occurs again.  Such was the result with day 9.

I was offering Reiki to a new client, a young gentleman who was suffering from digestive issues.  He had tried energywork before, including several rounds of acupuncture and some other form of energywork, with limited success.  Yet, he was determined to keep up with treatments because they offered a precious small amount of relief from his symptoms.

As I had my hands over his abdomen I heard the word ‘engage’.  That’s how my intuition comes through.  It’s not usually paragraphs or explicit directions, but clear and focused words.  Knowing this from previous experience with my intuition, I just gave space for the word ‘engage’.  Was it for me?  Was it for him?  When I thought of these questions, I then got the phrase ‘let him use his own hands in treatment’.

As a practitioner, I’ve learned to be discerning with my intuition, and I take into account who the client is (in this case, a client looking for relief of pain).  For some clients, offering an intuitive suggestion may go beyond their belief, or in other cases, we haven’t established enough rapport, etc.  I’m always mindful of their boundaries.  But in his case, I asked my intuition again, just to be sure, ‘should I engage him to assist with this treatment?’.  The answer I got, was ‘yes’.

So, I encouraged my client to put his hands on his abdomen and visualize what he thought of as Reiki flowing through his hands into his own body.  I put my own hands on top of his for support.  It was a very profound and powerful feeling of energy, heat and ‘rightness’.

After the session concluded, he told me he had never felt so much heat/relief from an energy session and was inspired to possibly pursue Reiki training.  I thanked him for being open to the process.

And for the rest of the day I was quite happy and inspired in trusting my intuition and how it flows through.

Eileen Dey 2014



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