Day 12 of Happiness: For the love of Comet

0727091642I remember this cuddly little Russian blue kitten meowing at me and sticking his paws out of his cage in my direction at the shelter almost 6 years ago.

I wasn’t sure I was ‘ready’ for another cat, having lost my beloved (also Russian Blue) amazing Reiki cat Kai several months before.

But something told me to go to the shelter that day and just take a look.

And this little kitten captured my heart.  His eyes were (and still are) so knowing.  It’s like he was saying, ‘ok lady, let’s do this thing already!’.  But I waited a day before going back and formally adopting him, just to have the opportunity to sleep on it and see if any dreams might speak otherwise.

They didn’t.  And Comet, this fireball of energy, came home to meet Richard, and our other beloved Suki, who was also a rescue from a few years before.

Both of them have made my life a brighter place, on so many levels, it is a challenge to put them into a short blog post.  They are my companions, they communicate their needs, they remind me to slow down, they love Reiki, and both are pretty good at giving it when I need it.

Although I love Suki dearly, Comet is my buddy.  He’s my best non-human friend.  Thank you Comet for all the happiness you give and allowing me to offer it in return.

Eileen Dey 2014


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