Happiness of a job well done Day 13

Eileen as Pioneer Square Ghost at Fire Fest Shots 7-12-08A weekend of teaching Reiki makes me feel like I’m dancing through the crowd playing my accordion!  Light, playful and full of spirit!  When students want to learn, being a teacher is the greatest job!  And when a group gets along with each other, the day feels effortless!

I’ve been teaching since 1997, hundreds and hundreds of classes, groups and people from all over.  I know my material for sure.  But there is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ preparation that goes into a successful class.

For one, it’s making sure the location you are teaching at will meet your students needs.  This weekend has been a scorcher for Seattle, so having fans ready to blow when the late afternoon sun heats things up was key.

Making sure the area was as cat-free as possible, based on several students having allergies.  I’m so happy a Rhumba, a computerized vacuum came into my life, because it picks up fine hair like no other.

Class materials in order, music selected, filtered water full, snacks ready to go, check, check, check!

And always being aware of the timing of the class.  I give a lot of room for discussion, but if I know that by lunch break we need to have accomplished items 1, 2 and 3, then I’m mindful to wrap up the conversations or go to lunch a little later, as was the case this weekend.

And then, after its over, it usually takes me a good hour to just ‘come down’ from the ‘high’ of having a successful class.  Cleaning up helps, and in this case, going to get some reflexology was what really began to bring me back to earth.

I’m honored to do this work and extremely happy at how it supports me, my students and the world at large.

Eileen Dey 2014


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