Reflections on Reiki Happiness Day 14

0308091538-1Finished a weekend of Reiki training and had to reflect back on all the years of doing this work.  If I had to conceptualize it, it might look like this:

1994  Had my first introduction to bodywork via the Polarity Therapy program at the NY Open Center

1995  Found Reiki in a listing for a New Age phone book in a laundromat in NJ.  Began my first studies

1996  Deep into Reiki training, circles and assisting my Usui Reiki Ryoho teacher Cherie, with classes

1997  Moved to Philadelphia from NJ and worked with Alena Heble, a non-traditional Reiki master and completed my own master training

1998  Within a year had started teaching my first classes and holding my own circles establishing part of the Philly Reiki community

1999  Moved to Seattle following an intuitive vision, began meeting the local Reiki community

2000 Received spiritual name of Crystal Sky and took sabbatical and then pretty much permanent leave from the world of being employed to self-employment

Fast forward to 2014

That’s how the last 14 years have felt, in terms of my work with Reiki and it’s work with me.  I have 20 years of Reiki Happiness to celebrate!

Eileen Dey 2014



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